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A place for the adventurous, interesting and active inhabitants of this fine mountain town to commence and celebrate lives well lived. Come to Handlebar to socialize, eat great food and drink insanely good craft beer. You know you deserve it, so why compromise. We source out high quality local beer and switch out taps often so there's always something fresh for you to try. Our food menu is inspired by Germanic street food, who better to take inspiration from after centuries of practice right?

Attempting to appeal to everyone will leave you appealing to No One! Our apologies to folk on the hunt for the following; Mass produced soul-less beer,  Live MMA events, Name tags, Ties, Suspenders, loud top 40, Pretentious Employees and Overcomplicated food done in an average fashion.



 12-1 / 5-6 / 10 -11

$5.75 Select BC Craft Beers

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